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Our Ongoing Nano Second Yoga

Susan Hensley

Susan Yoga means union or a complete merging or positive connection. Hatha Yoga is often what most of us would think of when the word is used, and this involves some wonderful forms of physical postures and exercises, but I am using the word in it's broader sense, meaning one's pathway to our spiritual potential in this life, or one's merging with their higher understandings.

We all have amazing potentials and purposes as possibilities within us. Reaching these potentials usually gives us a great deal of happiness and life purpose! Frequently some of these possibilities are already beckoning us. Distractions to being in our higher purposes, that seem necessary at the time, can confuse us about the choices we make. The truth is that everything we do or don't do all day, is our yoga for the day, and it all can be used constructively if we are willing to look at it. How well do we connect or fall asleep to our better selves? The more connected we stay, usually the faster and/or the better the manifestations we attract.

Our conversations, our public behavior, and our behavior in private, as well as what we tell our selves in the privacy of our own minds, all create part of a resonance in our unique magnetic fields. Each person's unique magnetism creates an energetic field of experience. We are not responsible for everyone else's behavior, but if we upgrade our beliefs about what is possible, we often start attracting people and events that are much more in harmony with our being.

What does this really mean? Does it mean that all anger is self-destructive or that we should not protect ourselves? No! Does it mean we shouldn't have good-hearted fun? Not at all! Laughter and relaxation often bring many more possibilities of truly achieving our higher purposes and heart's desires. It does mean that we should really try to let go of unnecessary suffering, and genuinely try to stay awake and compassionate about the real suffering that goes on and make a good effort to transmute all that energy into something more constructive.

We can reverse a negative trend here and now by remembering that we have a right not to suffer, and a right to feel good, and a right to enjoy the moment. We can also affirm, visualize, meditate, exercise, tap, or whatever we prefer, and remind ourselves that no matter what has occurred in the past we have a right to move into our better spiritual selves, manifest unexpected as well as sought after good, and create a better personal and impersonal world. This is our yoga of the moment, getting into the present moment in our most empowered yet innocent way, and feeling the newness of a better possibility. We can make the effort and stay in our more empowering thoughts. Now is the moment of opportunity, now is the moment of power. Now is the moment of our ongoing daily continuous yoga attempt.

Now is the moment we can have union or merge with our best potentials and practice our yogic path. So each moment of each day is another possibility in our path to our potential, or accomplishing union or yoga in that second or moment. Everything we think or feel, everything we see, hear, smell, say or do, has the possibility of drawing the right channels to us, and sometimes from the least expected sources. In this moment, in this second, we can change our thoughts or feelings, our vibrations, and resonate with a beautiful new path if we really try to remember this.

So in this Nano second or moment our self healing can be quickened, and new answers can come through, our self healing can have wings, and we can change our path, luck, and circumstances, by remembering we have these higher frequencies available to us now, and that we can practice our yoga in this very second of time.

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Susan is available for private sessions, public presentations, and workshops.
She is currently building a new website and can be reached at:
or call: 408-809-7717

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