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Avoiding the Road to Dementia

Susan Lake

Bringing Mom Back From Dementia Dementia is a word used to describe a serious breakdown of memory and other cognitive functions. The word dementia refers to many types of dementia including Alzheimer’s. There can be a number of different causes, but many of the symptoms remain the same. Continual loss of memory and reasoning, more and more erratic behavior, and severe inability to care for oneself are prevalent in all types of dementia. It is becoming a world wide epidemic. But there is reason to be hopeful. If you have already read "Bringing Mom Back From Dementia", you know that we employed several types of naturally based treatments to help my mother get to better memory and cognition. If you have not read the book, here are a few possibilities that might be helpful for the preservation of memory and better cognition.

My mother suddenly became very ill with dementia. We were really fortunate, because I ultimately found a doctor who believed in the possibility of her improvement! He has since retired but I felt the information was so important that my mother's journey should be written about.

When my mother was diagnosed with dementia, the general consensus was that her situation was hopeless, until I managed to find the right doctor. There after, for almost six and a half years, until she passed, she had general cognitive and memory improvement. It had seemed so obvious to me, that her brain and nervous system would function better if she received regular nourishment from the nutrients and hormones she was now lacking, as well as removal of foods, medications, and environmental substances that were now toxic to her body chemistry. We just needed to find out what they were.

After three months on her new program her memory and cognitive function improved greatly! These improvements remained for the rest of her life as long as she adhered or stayed close to her program. What did we find out that made this possible? The best defense is to become very educated about how to lessen or prevent the possible onset of any of the dementia forms.

Here are a few things to keep in mind: Sugar, alcohol, preservatives, artificial chemical sweeteners, and high yeast foods can be very problematic if consumed regularly, and especially in excess. There are several reasons for this. They all can contribute to the onset or increase of a diabetic condition. Diabetic issues can make people much more vulnerable to certain types of dementia, because the circulation in the body can become very impaired, and the hormones which help keep the body and mind healthy can be interrupted if not disrupted. Also, many of the enzymes, which help our body’s function can be destroyed under these conditions. I am not saying never have a dessert again, but mostly these foods should be minimized, and never consumed in excess. Natural and lab made sugar replacements, which seem well tolerated, and don't set up diabetic tendencies, include Xylitol, and Stevia, and in some cases Sorbitol.

In addition to possible blood sugar level problems such as diabetes and hypoglycemia, these same substances can contribute to an overgrowth of Candida Albicans, more commonly referred to as Candida. A large overgrowth of Candida, can encourage, allergies, yeast infections, poor absorption of nutrients, exhaustion, lack of focus, and memory problems. A good probiotic with many strains of healthy bacteria can be a very important tool in nourishing the brain and nervous systems to help correct a Candida issue.

Conversely there are studies and testimonies, which suggest that moderate consumption of green tea, black tea and coffee without large amounts of sugar or chemical substitutes can be helpful in memory and focus. Vitamin D3, Choline, the entire B vitamin complex, and Vitamin C deficiencies have also shown up as potential issues in certain tests for people with dementia. I take supplementation in all of these nutrients. There is much more that we can do to help prevent dementia, but the above items were noted in my mother's on going improvement, which I feel grateful to have been involved in. We don't have to fall apart as time goes by.

Best Wishes, Susan Lake

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