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New writing and speaking pursuits:
Booklet CoverI am thrilled with the increased invitations to teach and speak to groups who have heard of and/ or personally experienced my Touch Techniques. These techniques provide a proactive approach to enhance individual health and that of families and friends. As interest continues to gain in my work, I am inspired to speed up the completion of my comprehensive teaching manual that includes my entire collection of treatment patterns, some of which now appear in booklet format found on this website. The tentative teaching manual title is: "LOVING HANDS: Activating Healing Energy with Touch Techniques."

Needless to say, these renewed endeavors are fast consuming the majority of my time. Some of you may be aware that I have been writing two free newsletters a month. They are The Pet Care Connection eNewsletter and The Health Care Connection eNewsletter. To be able to continue to effectively and efficiently devote adequate time to all that I want to do, I have decide to adjust the scheduling of my free eNewsletters. To this end, future eNewsletters will be sent out bimonthly beginning with the August 2014 THCC eNewsletter issue. Subsequent issues of the THCC eNewsletter will come to subscribers’ inboxes in October and December 2014. Starting in 2015 the issues will arrive in February, April, June, August, October and December. I plan to use the unscheduled months for special editions of the THCC eNewsletter.

If you are receiving these newsletters and find them informative and helpful, please let your friends know about them and direct them to my websites and/or to sign up for their very own copy(s).

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