Your Health is in Your Very Own Hands

Private Sessions

Roberta conducts her in-person Rejuvenating Acupressure Touch Technique sessions at "The Quiet Place" at 875 East Canel Dr., Suite #7 in Turlock CA. Clients are fully clothed during treatment sessions. Dr. Anderson will make home visits when special circumstances make it necessary to work
effectively with her clients. As part of the assessment & treatment session Roberta will discuss how to optimized overall health while employing her Rejuvenating Acupressure Techniques.

To make an in-person appointment or arrange for a telephone consultation to learn how to enhance your or your family’s physical and emotional wellbeing with Dr. Anderson's Rejuvenating Acupressure Techniques, call (209) 668-9036 or E-mail Roberta at:

An initial in-person session with you and/or your family member is usually an hour and a half in length and includes an individual overall health and wellbeing assessment. Clients are provided instructional handouts to maintain success achieved. Thereafter, the individual appointments are usually scheduled by the hour. All telephone consultations are limited to one hour.

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